Archery Services

Routine maintenance, repairs, upgrades or whatever else you may need...

Choosing an archery or hunting supply store to purchase a bow from too often comes down to just price and selection. But where do you go when something happens to your new bow under warranty? In a year or two? When you need an upgrade or routine maintenance done? Why not come to the place which has great selection, fair pricing, and outstanding service after the sale?

Soaring Eagle Archery can provide you with unparalelled service on all types of archery equipment. From repairs to upgrades, Brian has the knowledge and skills to get your equipment fixed properly, safely, and on time. Brian can give you advice on new products based on personal experience and customer feedback - not just company hype. Being certified as an Archery Instructor by the National Archery Association, Brian also excels at teaching youth and beginners on how to safely handle their archery equipment.

Soaring Eagle Archery has all of the equipment and skills needed to perform almost any archery service - from draw adjustments to making a custom set of spine deflection matched arrows. Stop in today and let Brian show you why Soaring Eagle Archery is the only archery supply shop you will ever need.


Just some of the services we provide...

  • Repair all makes/models of equipment
  • Draw adjustment
  • String replacement
  • Sight/optics upgrades
  • Custom arrows
  • Education to youth and beginners
  • Product consultation

Spine Deflection Matched Arrows

If you are the type of shooter who demands consistency in his equipment, we can custom match a set of arrows based on the spine deflection. This is done by measuring the amount of flex and matching it to other arrows that are within .002". We then locate the "spine" and nock and fletch accordingly. This process gives the shooter a remarkably consistent set of arrows which shoot the same way every time.